If you want someone(s) to hear something, say it again, and louder

I’m beginning to sound like a broken record but I’m passionate to get the message out.  It’s hard to appreciate the trans-formative potential that some ideas (Bitcoin whitepaper) will bring until it’s already become mainstream and part of our normal lives. I’m openly admitting I’ve timed the crypto market wrong (for now), lost money, and am fundamentally ok with that because I sincerely believe this is just the beginning like the dotcom bubble of 2000.  I remember having the thought when Google’s IPO offered shares @ ~$40 how ridiculous that seemed (not knowing anything about markets or company valuation at the time).  I knew the company was a good one but could not conceive of how they could become that much more valuable.  Well…

Google Stock
image of google stock price over its history

I was short sighted then, I don’t plan to repeat myself

Bitcoin Price History
History of bitcoin price form early 2010

Trading value as of today:  $6,520.96

so from $.06 (pictured but hundredths of a penny initially) to $6,520.96

But there’s no company or physical entity behind it, why should I pay my hard earned money to buy something that doesn’t even really exist in a tangible manner? In a word, trust I could go on to try and explain a lot of concepts from math and hashes and verifiable, reversible proofs that make it possible and many of which I could not begin to teach with any passable competence, but I understand the concept of trust and the importance of it in business as well as day to day interactions.  Bitcoin, in a word, is about being able to trust without knowing anything about the counter-party, only about the history of a protocol that is proven secure and functional 9 years running from genesis block.

Well, from here, I’ll let this extremely well written and thorough article explain the rest:  “The bullish case for bitcoin

For those who are still reading, thanks, and in the words of the vlog brothers,“Don’t forget to be awesome” if you find success with the knowledge you find in this post.