How likely is a friendly AI?

The University in Nottingham England has a great series of videos on many different computer topics and one of my favorites right now is this playlist.  In the series, Rob Miles does a tremendous job of explaining why really thinking through the process of AI design is crucial before unforeseen consequences might arise from a general learning AI run amok.  When AIs come near to our human level of self-awareness and generalized adaptability it will likely be beyond the point of design consideration and soon past the point of return to stop a system that takes the wrong trajectory (evil like skynet or non-sinister but ignorantly or indifferently non-human preserving).  Really interesting and informative!


Think before IT does

Last tire you’ll ever need?

Odd how sometimes I muse about topics (random topics) only to see relevant news articles shortly follow my musings.  I was Thinking about tires, of all things, and how they seem terribly inefficient and wasteful but how they are necessary for a smooth and comfortable ride.  Well, Michelin has been thinking about this too apparently.  Kinda funky looking right now but how interesting, and it will remove the need for the wheel too.


What’s up with Boston and cheating?

In this article from the New York Times, the Red Sox prove to be the second team from Boston caught cheating in the current decade (particularly sad for me since I used to be a Pats fan since the early 80’s).  I just listened to a reply all podcast from Gimlet media today as well about an 800 number phone scandal.  Technology has the potential for good in so many ways and as the linked items suggest, the potential for a lot of evil.  Raise your kids right folks.


One cloud to rule them all? I think not…

In this excellently constructed article, Patrick Moorhead from Forbes touches on many of the considerations businesses don’t think about due to a continuing misunderstanding of what exactly the cloud is.  There’s often a misconception that the cloud makes all your problems go away or that some mystical cloud fairy is out there making sure your wishes  in IT are fulfilled.  If you don’t plan your to move to the cloud appropriately, your money will start moving to the cloud without raining out profits.

Youtube reaches a staggering milestone in time spent by humans


What would you do with a billion hours a day if you could re purpose it for any task you liked?  That’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 years worth of hours.  It boggles the mind with just how much collective time is spent on various activities by the human race.  I’m reminded of the old Star Trek enemy the Borg and how they might have been on to something if not for a real perversion of the sense of commune.  Projects are underway and have been for some years to harness the power of human boredom.  Even the reCaptcha spam deterrent by Google you see on sign-up pages is designed to make humans do massive amounts of labor in bearable even nearly unnoticeable chunks of time.

HBO’s Westworld and the Bible

Pretty amazing discussion video from the guys at wisecrack of some theological and philosophical themes in the acclaimed HBO series Westworld.  *** Beware, adult language and adult themes are present in this video, also SPOILERS! ***

Predestination vs freewill

What makes us conscious?

How do we even know if we exist in the reality we assume for ourselves?

At what point in the rise to conscious do we guarantee rights to our creations as “individuals” and no longer just experiments as covered in the movie Ex-Machina?