Welcome to our site!  At your Service provides on site and remote support service for all manner of technology related products, specializing in but not limited to: Windows and Mac desktops and laptops, network connectivity wiring, wireless and troubleshooting, server setup and maintenance, virtualization technologies, company email or web presence, and many more.  Call (865-455-8740), email ([email protected]) or open a support ticket to get started.  We look forward to serving you!


Ben Alexander (Owner) started serving the Knoxville area with onsite support for home and business nearly 20 years ago.  We believe that service is good, timely service is better and competent service combined with those is the indispensable ingredient that has kept our clients coming back consistently over the years.  We love people and it shows.


If you want someone(s) to hear something, say it again, and louder

I’m beginning to sound like a broken record but I’m passionate to get the message out.  It’s hard to appreciate the trans-formative potential that some ideas (Bitcoin whitepaper) will bring until it’s already become mainstream and part of our normal lives. I’m openly admitting I’ve timed the crypto market wrong (for now), lost money, and …

“Buy the Dips” Crypto is the future of money but you should 1. not invest what you don’t have, 2. “hodl” (hold)

Here are some key concepts to get up and running with Crypto: When you go to another country, you (usually) have to exchange your local currency to that country’s currency to spend value when you’re there – same with crypto but once exchanged, it’s universal so long as someone has a computer or smartphone and …