One cloud to rule them all? I think not…

In this excellently constructed article, Patrick Moorhead from Forbes touches on many of the considerations businesses don’t think about due to a continuing misunderstanding of what exactly the cloud is.  There’s often a misconception that the cloud makes all your problems go away or that some mystical cloud fairy is out there making sure your wishes  in IT are fulfilled.  If you don’t plan your to move to the cloud appropriately, your money will start moving to the cloud without raining out profits.

Youtube reaches a staggering milestone in time spent by humans


What would you do with a billion hours a day if you could re purpose it for any task you liked?  That’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 years worth of hours.  It boggles the mind with just how much collective time is spent on various activities by the human race.  I’m reminded of the old Star Trek enemy the Borg and how they might have been on to something if not for a real perversion of the sense of commune.  Projects are underway and have been for some years to harness the power of human boredom.  Even the reCaptcha spam deterrent by Google you see on sign-up pages is designed to make humans do massive amounts of labor in bearable even nearly unnoticeable chunks of time.

HBO’s Westworld and the Bible

Pretty amazing discussion video from the guys at wisecrack of some theological and philosophical themes in the acclaimed HBO series Westworld.  *** Beware, adult language and adult themes are present in this video, also SPOILERS! ***

Predestination vs freewill

What makes us conscious?

How do we even know if we exist in the reality we assume for ourselves?

At what point in the rise to conscious do we guarantee rights to our creations as “individuals” and no longer just experiments as covered in the movie Ex-Machina?

Internet Internet everywhere and not a cat video to watch (massive sarcasm implied here)

In this popular mechanics article we find that Elon Musk envisions a world with no internet dead spots, Wow! Perhaps now we are seeing his real vision for starting SpaceX.  I for one am thrilled with this prospect of internet with no ugly towers in the middle of Yellowstone though they have already thought of this complaint.  I hope this is a collaborative effort rather than a Comcast or AT&T in the sky bringing along all the monopolistic problems with that scenario.

Phone Reviews

Business Insider Phone Ranking

Great article for consideration if in the market for a new smartphone.  I love my Nexus 6p (old phone not on the list) and Google fi service.  Apple doesn’t play nice with other kids -as pertains to Apple only apps like facetime- Google service integration is great as is the new direction they are going with devices like Cast and Home.  Time will tell how long Apple remains dominant in the must-have mentality of consumers with the choice that abounds in android alternatives.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Repair Service

Computer repair people are a lot like doctor’s when we’re at social gatherings. Folks always ask us what’s wrong with their computers. Just like a doctor, we can do some guessing, but, without actually taking a look at your computer, we can’t be sure. So, what should you know about computer repair service and what questions should you ask the person who will work on your computer?

Major Retailer vs Small Business Computer Repair

It seems easy to take your computer to the “Big Box” stores for service. But, at their store, you’re just a number. Many large retailers have relationships with specific suppliers. Repair decisions may be made due to supplier incentives or support.

At a small, independent computer store, customer service is their priority. They take the time to talk to you, understand what you’re doing, exactly what the problem is, and then are able to fix it quickly. Some repairs can be fixed same day. With the big box stores, you may have to wait up to three weeks for your computer to be repaired.

Questions to Ask when Choosing a Computer Repair Service

Do you charge an hourly rate or a flat fee?

If the answer is an hourly fee, ask for a time estimate. It’s good to know up front how much it could cost. If the repair cost is going to be as high as buying a new computer, wouldn’t you want to know that up front? The person should also be able to give you a clear answer about what they will be doing. Generally, if you provide detailed instructions to the technician, he/she should have a fairly good idea of the problem and be able to give you an estimate on the repair charge. If the repair is going to cost more, they should call you before proceeding with the repair.

Is there a minimum fee for looking at the computer?

Many companies will charge a fee for an initial inspection of the computer or consultation. This is commonly referred to as a “bench charge”.

What is the warranty on the repair or new parts?

If you need new hardware, ask about the warranty on the item. Different companies offer different warranties on their equipment. You would want to get as long a warranty as possible. What if another $20 bought you two more years on a warranty? You should be able to make that choice!

Do they understand what your business needs?

If you’re a business, you want more than a computer geek. You want a professional who appreciates and takes time to understand your business. Once they understand what you’re doing, they’ll be able to make recommendations about what you need to keep your business running.

Does the company offer remote repair?

Remote repair means that a computer technician can log into your computer over the Internet and fix it. This only works on software issues, but, it is nice to be able to have someone check your computer without having to bring it to the store!

All the services mentioned above are hallmarks of the type of services you can expect from At Your Service. Our technicians are experienced and professional.